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Two Square Enterprises, LLC: Inventions from World Class Inventor
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Latest Project: Air Crafts! Auto!

Electromagnetic Force (EMF)! NO GAS! NO OIL! NO WATER!     ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY! More information coming soon!

Al's Murals Selfies:

WALL MOUNTED! REMOVABLE! ANY SIZE! ANY PHOTO! Visit for more information.

Rocket Missile Train Will Create 50 Million New Jobs World Wide:

This is a design patent of a Rocket Missile Train concept and Rocket Missile Train Tube that the Rocket Missile Train travels through. Both inventions are patented. I'm asking $500 Billion in U.S. dollars for both design patents. However, I will need $250 Billion in advance. The other half, I will put into this venture, and become a partner. Also, I am willing to accept royalties payments, but I will need $20.85 Billion in advance and the rest is negotiable. If interested, click here.



The same force that propels the weapon of mass destruction, is the the same force that will propel the power of mass transportation!


Modular Concept:

Due to the rapid climate change, we've seen, since in the winter of 2014 and now the winter 2016, how snow bound freeways can cripple our travel plans. Just over the thanksgiving holiday there was a 50 car pile up on the freeway, including a loss of life. This didn't have to happen. My Rocket Train would have prevented this tragedy. The Rocket Train could have traveled through the snow and people could have loaded up there cars or trucks on the Rocket Train and would have made it safely to their destination. This Rocket Train is a futuristic concept which can be built under water (in oceans, seas, or rivers) or on top of the water in the form of a bridge. The under water station would look like a giant aquarium bubble. This could become a big tourist attraction. It would be a freeway under water in middle oceans and seas and even if the water is frozen, we will be able to travel. A large cargo ship coming from any destination, like China, that takes about a 7 day journey would now only take two hours for their cargo to reach the USA. Plus this would make it easy for the airline industry to not have to travel in the snow. It will give the public more choices to travel, giving the airline industry some competition and making travel more competitive overall.

The Rocket Missile Train could be implanted in the USA, and every country and nation, thus becoming a multi-trillion dollar annual enterprise. This will create an international conglomeration.

This industry will need its own stations, like an airplane needs an airport similar to LA International Airport and Chicago O’Hare, or JFK in New York. Every state and the largest cities will have their own Rocket Missile Train Stations. The construction of these facilities will create many new jobs.

The making of the Rocket Missile Trains and tubes and stations, and the installation of the tubes all across the world will cost multi billions of dollars, and will create millions of new jobs. When we duplicate this all around the world, it will revolutionize the world economy and create billions of new jobs worldwide.

Special manufacturing plants will be needed to construct the RMT (Rocket Missile Train) and the RMTT (Rocket Missile Train Tube). Then placing the RMTT all across the country will create more new jobs. The manufacturers that supply the raw materials and the plants that makes the equipment and components will create new jobs.

New jobs will be created for the business personnel that handle the operations of this industry, and the people that are responsible for the passengers on the Rocket Missile Train, like a pilot or conductor, the attendants, the baggage and cargo handlers, the security forces, the maintenance workers, and the refueling workers.

Money could be raised by selling shares of stock on the New York Stock Exchange. This Rocket Missile Train will transform the way we travel; it’s the first of its kind. It will be able to take the place of regular trains. People could travel and take their transportation with them and
even truck drivers could put their tractors and trailers on the Rocket Missile Train.

Instead of taking the normal method of transportation and taking up to five days to get to the other side of the country, it would take truck drivers less than twenty minutes! You could travel from New York City to Los Angeles in under twelve minutes! With the Rocket Missile Train, people will be able to travel 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, or 17,000 miles per hour or faster.

No more worries about airplanes crashing, or trying to land and trying to take off on snow bound runways, no more worry about being snowed in, in bad weather or worried about birds flying into airplane engines and having to land on the Hudson River.

Some Rocket Missile Trains will be designed for carrying large cargo that trains and diesel trucks normally carry. This Rocket Missile Train will be able to be used as a carrier for trucks like FedEx, USPS Express and DSL, etc. These trucks would normally deliver small packages and mail overnight. This is a fantastic invention for the Christmas Season when small packages and mail are delivered. Now these could be delivered in 30 minutes or less. Other Rocket Missile Trains can be designed for passengers. This invention is still in its developmental stage, but we have the technology available to turn this invention into a reality. The Rocket Missile Train can be 100 to 200 yards long, or the length of a Greyhound bus, and can be 50 feet high and 50 feet wide. We can also have a reverse lane that will go in the opposite direction. This will make traveling more safe and will cut down traveling time. The reverse lanes can be miles apart in different parts of any city or town. This rocket train can be use to evacuate a mass population speedily in case of an emergency, like the hurricane flooding in Katrina, by using both lanes going in the same direction this would have save a lot of lives. If this was available, the rocket train is the vehicle and the rocket train tube is the highway.

Fruit growers can now get their fresh product to the marketplace sooner, when their fruit is at its ripest peak, also farmers can get fresh vegetables to the marketplace, from the fields to the table, the same day, with the Rocket Missile Train.

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The Auto Tool Project is patent pending. I'm asking $5 Million dollars for this whole tool package, offer is firm. I will take $1 Million dollars in advancement. The rest of the $4 Million dollars can be paid in royalties. If interested, click here.

1. Wish-bone ratchet wrench
2. The Wish-bone ratchet wrench tool case
3. Wish-bone tire lug-nut wrench
4. Newly Redesigned E-Z square ratchet wrench
5. Newly Redesigned E-Z tire lug-nut wrench
6. Newly Redesigned E-Z ratchet wrench
7. E-Z tire lug-nut wrench
8. E-Z lug-nut tool case and hub cap remover tool
9. ALL -IN- ONE wrench any kind of wrench and screw driver

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This is a weed (eater) or grass (trimmer) whacker supporter, it is a harness for the lifting of the weed whacker, it takes the weight off the hand and arms strength, and places the weight stress to the harness that is supported by shoulders and back strength.

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To stay ahead, we need to diversify. Christmas is here to stay. You can see all the Christmas decorations in almost every neighborhood. You can go to almost any one and see air blown inflatable Frosty the Snowman figures, some with even a wife and baby! You can also see Walt Disney characters, along with Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and the reindeer pulling Santa. These air blown inflatable decorations cost about $40 for 5 feet, $80 for 6 feet, and $279 for 16 to 20 foot sizes. Our Christmas Bow Crosses can be made into any of these sizes, all with AC/DC LED Lighting. We can customize any of our air blown inflatable crosses.

Annually this is a multibillion dollar global empire, with over seven billion people on planet earth, if half of that population would buy just one of these cross items at five dollars to one hundred dollars, this could become a multibillion dollar annually global experience. What makes this graphic designed cross so great, it's a conglomeration of items, but just one cross with unlimited potentials and possibilities.

We've compiled a list of most of these items, the wonderful things about this cross, the wording can be written in any nation or country language and could be sold nationally or internationally. This is a global experience.

The Christmas items, the air blown inflatable balloons, the door panels, the wall clock, and the fine China collection just to mention a few of these items, this could generate into billions of dollars annually. > more

IPOD/Phone Wallet

Now, for the first time, we are unveiling a Multiple-Purpose Wallet, Cell Phone & iPod Carrier (MP W, CP & iPd c) that is combined to form one item, and is patented.

With a rainbow of colors to choose from ladies could use this as a fashion statement by coordinating different outfits with matching purses and shoes. This (MP W, CP & iPd c) can be used while hiking, bike riding, jogging, walking, skiing, horseback riding, all-terrain vehicle riding, snowmobile riding, or while exercising at the fitness center. In addition, the (MP W, CP & iPd c) of the subject invention is well suited for current air travel, where the individual is subject to repeated security checks, that require easy access to their identification and the person's needs to have their hands free for carrying carry-on luggage, etc. It can also be used to carry IDs , medical information, credit cards, coins and dollar bills. The (MP W, CP & iPd c) is worn like a long necklace. > more

Trash Can Dolly

This is the infusion of a plastic trash can and a plastic dolly combined together to form a Plastic "TRASHCAN DOLLY". The invention features a plastic trash can or a plastic garbage can that comes equipped with a pair of wheels and an adjustable handle. By simply using the telescoping handle, the container is tilted backwards, allowing the unit to be easily pushed or pulled on its wheels.

The object of the TRASHCAN DOLLY is to simplify the task of taking out waste from the kitchen, office, or garage for homeowners. It has many commercial uses as well.

While it is ideal for waste and garbage, it is a container and dolly that can also be used as a handy shopping cart or clothes hamper, if modified for ventilation.

It could be used as an ice chest, for tailgate parties, camping, picnics, fishing, and birthday parties as well because it is durable and rugged.

It could be used in third world countries for many purposes, such as: carrying food or water; sharecroppers could use it haul grain, bananas or coconuts; mothers can carry small children as in a stroller; and it can be used for fun as a kid's wagon. > more